Friday, December 15, 2017

Eddie and Hannah in 2017 - Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary

Here are a few precious moments from this years events and appearances.

Events in 2017

The Ned opening party on Wednesday 26th April 2017 - Met Gala 2017

Hannah works with the Alexander McQueen’s Sarabande Foundation. 
Eddie attended some events organized there this year.  

Golde Globe 2015 - interview for the Hungarian TV

Eddie Redmayne interviewed by Anikó Návai for the Hungarian TV program 'Szeretettel Hollywoodból' (From Hollywood with Love) at the Golden Globe Awards in 2015Video

 How are you? -   

I'm so well. I'm just pinching myself.

I got these clawing marks all over my arm. 

...that you get to play as extraordinary parts as Stephen Hawking, it's really...
You can’t believe, that’s allowed.

She's your wife? ...Hannah, a pleasure...

Happy Wedding Anniversary to Eddie and Hannah!
They married three years ago at Babington House near Bath in Somerset.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

More videos from National Lottery's celebration at the House of Lords

Million thanks to Toby Gorniak from Streat Factory Studios CIC, who posted more videos 
on his Instagram. He made possible for us to get a glimpse of this wonderful event.

Eddie Redmayne being interviewed about Les Misérables film - Video

Eddie talking with Ore Oduba about being a dad -  Video

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